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Philip & Rachel cook at the Bistro on a daily basis, its really an extension of our dining room at home, a Bistro really is a small family restaurant producing great food, we cook traditional Bistro fare, probably the essence of French & European country cooking - honest, fresh and satisfying food prepared by cooks ..... not celebrity chefs!!!....food that you would serve if you had friends or family visiting for Dinner, what really matters is that food tastes full of flavour and also has the quality that the customer would think yes the person making this has taken time and effort to make it, regardless of if its a bowl of soup or a Fillet steak. Bistro food is not over complicated Philip & Rachel take tastes from all around Europe and bring them together to make classic dishes that really will never go out of fashion.

Bistro food is real food for real people .... not just the fashionable, trendy places that are here one year and gone the next, they are good for a while but have a limited shelf life, at the Bistro we are still serving dishes that we cooked 15 years ago when we first opened our doors to the hungry crowds of South Manchester. Some recipes used at the Bistro have been cooked by Philip & Rachel for over 30 years... good - classic combinations of ingredients need very little messing with, the food speaks for itself.


Its very much a small and experienced team at the Bistro, chef David has been working alongside Philip & Rachel for 6 years at the Bistro, Shaun who leads the front of house team along with Kim & Nancy all have many years of service serving our customers.

Philips, love of wine is reflected in the Bistro list, selection of wines for the list includes classic`s such as our French chardonnay & Merlot - they match our food and are amazing expressions of the true grape. We do list new world wines including Pinot noir, Shiraz & Malbec but also have wonderful Tempranillo  & Rioja from Spain, and possibly my favourite red from Sicily - Nero davola .... a great food wine. I visited the Mandrarossa vine yard some 15 years ago and realised the investment being made at that time really would finally reflect in producing great wine in years to come, and now the winery is probably one of  Italys most  fashionable, quality producers.


What others have been saying about us:

Manchester Confidential
"There is something totally charming about this bistro."

"Easily in my top 3 restaurants in Manchester."

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